·            Only 2 consignments are permitted 1 by sea, 1 by air.

·            Arrival of the shipment(s) in Indonesia must be within 6 months of the date of issuance on the residence permit (KITAS).

·            All items must have been used by shipper for a period of not less than 12 months prior to entry into Indonesia.


Documentation requirements for importation of Used HHG


For Expatriates:

·            Original passport with visa.

·            Original KITAS/KIMS card (Residency permit).

·            Original Work Permit.

Each must be valid for one full year. These will remain with FPS MOVERS throughout clearance procedure shipper should not plan to travel internationally during this period.


For Diplomatic and Semi Diplomatic shipment:

Documents required to clear a Diplomatic and/or Semi Diplomatic shipment (incl. motor vehicle).

·            Copy passport

·            Original Bill Of Lading.

·            Original Packing List.

·            PP8 for Diplomatic.

·            PP19 for Semi Diplomatic (UN, UNICEF, WHO etc).



PP8 / PP19 must be applied by the Embassy / Account in Jakarta to Indonesian Ministry of  Foreign Affairs (for Diplomatic) ;to Indonesian State Secretary (for Semi Diplomatic) - takes about 2 weeks. Original Bill Of Lading and packing list will be needed to apply the PP8 / PP19.


For Returning Indonesia Residents:

–        Have been out of Indonesia for at least 1 year with gainful employment.

–        Obtain a letter from the Indonesian Embassy stating reason for and duration of stay overseas.

–        Must have packing list certified by the Embassy prior departure.

–        Original Passport


Documentation requirements for importation of PET shipment

–        Import Permit

–        Copy of owner passport

–        Copy of Health Certificate

–        Copy of Vaccination Record.

Pet must have Rabies vaccination at least 30 day before arrival in Indonesia (but not older than a year)

Subject to Payment of import duty - the amount is depending on the breed.

NOTE: To apply Import Permit takes about 3-4 working days.



There has been a new regulation started 21 February 2002 that all FCL shipments which will be pulled-out to our Bonded Warehouse would have to go through HI-CO Scanner first.


To avoid unnecessary/additional charges we would like to remind you of the Indonesian Customs Regulation.

–        New Furniture, foodstuffs, new articles or any items in commercial quantities subject to payment of import duty.

–        Under no circumstance should wines/spirits be included in a shipment of household goods and personal effects. This is regardless of the intentions of shippers to pay duties/taxes. The rule being applied by Indonesian customs is that an individual is only entitled to one litter of alcohol per adult. Furthermore, any excess to the above litter will be confiscated and destroyed.

–        Automobiles/motor-vehicles which to include motorcycles/scooters are prohibited to be imported into Indonesia except for diplomatic personnel.

–        Only one of each major appliance (stove, refrigerator, freezer) or electronic item (TV, Video/DVD/CD/VCD player) are allowed in duty free.

–        Only reasonable amount of Video/DVD/CD/VCD’s are allowed.

–        Weapon, ammunition, pornography and politically sensitive material are virtually prohibited and will jeopardize any clearance.